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Sennheiser reinvents compactmicrophone

Audio expert Sennheiser has totally revamped its MKE 400 camera-top mic, throwing away the traditional design for this all-newmodel. It’s the big brother of the MKE 200, launched last year, and is ideal for use on smaller cameras like DLSRs, mirrorless, or even smartphones. Instead of the previous model’s long shotgun tube, the MKE 400 uses an acoustic interference tube, providing a super-cardioid polar pattern that cancels out distracting noise from the sides. The shock-mounted capsule is built to minimise handling noise, while the mic housing works as a standard windscreen. For outdoor use, a furry windshield is included. Meanwhile, a low-cut filter cuts low frequencies, such as the hum from air-conditioning systems or rumbles from the wind. There is also a three-step sensitivity switch that adjusts audio level, plus a headphone jack boasting eight-step volume control. The £179/$200 MKE 400 includes 3.5mm TRS and TRRS locking cables, and a coldshoe mount. A 1/4in-20 thread enables mounting to booms or other rigs.

Sennheiser’s new XS Lav is a high-quality lapel microphone that connects to mobile devices or computers. It’s ideal for podcasting, recording voiceovers or vlogging. The omnidirectional clip-on mic comes with a removable foamwindshield. It works for mobiles, powered by an optional TRRS connector costing £43/$50, or computers, with a USB-C connector for £52/$60. The £87/$100 XS Lav USB-C Mobile Kit comes with an additional Manfrotto mini tripod and smartphone clamp. NOWYOU’RE TALKING

Two AAA batteries power the microphone, providing up to 100 hours of use. When connected to DSLR or mirrorless bodies, the MKE 400 automatically powers on and off in tandemwith the camera. This feature also works efficiently with certain smartphones.

SOUND BUY The popular MKE 400 mic from Sennheiser has had a total redesign


A range of touchscreen monitors is coming to the UK market, with prices starting as low as £209 for a 5.5in model. The Desview brand now has an official distributor for its monitors and accessories, such as a £119 teleprompter. Made in China, the flagship £399 R7S is a seven-inch HDR monitor, including 3G-SDI and 4K HDMI input/output. A card slot also allows you to upload LUTs. It comes with a hotshoe, lens hood, bag, SD card and cables. Two NP-F batteries provide power. The newest model is the £279 R6, a 4K HDMI touchscreen monitor with 2800 nit of brightness. Its HDR functions include HLG and PQ mode. A cooling system usefully extends running time, plus there’s a headphone jack, coldshoe mount and SD card for uploading 3D LUTs.

It can be powered by E6 or NP-F batteries, while a V-Lock offers another power option via a D-Tap cable. Meanwhile, a power output socket means this can supply the juice to run a camera, too. The range also includes the £239 R7 and £259 R7P monitors, both equipped with seven-inch touchscreens. The more expensive version boasts HDR spec, enabling 3D LUTs, as well as a zoom function.



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