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Tenba might not be the first company to offer a professional video bag that has a large opening like a doctor’s bag. The company is also not the first to offer the convenience of a rucksack. But we reckon the Cineluxe Backpack 21 is the first to feature both in one bag. It makes for real convenience, ease of use and comfortable transportation. The long shape is typical of bags designed for professional camcorders and cinema cameras, with a matte box and other accessories attached. You can simply drop the whole lot inside, without having to strip everything off. That’s certainly a time-saver! The bag meets most international airline carry-on regulations, although it can weigh more than some carriers permit when fully loaded. Two well-padded wraps, a padded zip pouch, protective lens pillow and camera security strap secure your kit. Inside, flexible dividers offer plenty of storage customisation. As a rucksack, it features ventilated back panel and harness straps, automatically adjusting for body shape. Weighing 2.5kg/5.5lb, the Tenba Cineluxe Backpack 21 is made from a rugged material that is built to last and look good – blue aluminium details make for a classy presentation.

8. PELI 1615 AIR £377/$321

Take a popular range of protection cases and make them even lighter – without affecting the rugged, safe properties the brand is renowned for. That’s the premise behind Peli’s Air range, introducing lightweight, yet sturdy plastic cases. Every component has been pared down to shave off weight – and some weigh up to 40% less than the standard cases. Yet they still offer high security, with two double-throw latches, as well as stainless-steel hasps for padlocks. The 1615 Air case is the largest of legal carry-on bags, including a foam inside that customises to suit your kit. But there are other options, such as the TrekPak insert, using pre-installed wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and an easy-to-use cutting tool for customisation. Peli’s new lightweight Padded Dividers concept is another option –a dual-layered system configuration for all manner of kit requirements.


Lowepro’s PhotoStream SP 200 is a light ‘spinner’ bag – describing four wheels at its base that spin. Otherwise, you can drag it behind you like a conventional roller bag. The bag adheres to aircraft carry- on restrictions, and boasts a durable nylon andmoulded hardshell. The main compartment fits two pro cameras, four to eight extra lenses and a 15-inch laptop. Adjustable dividers can be configured in lots of different ways to suit your kit. The front panel of the bag folds out when the top part is open, enabling quick access to the laptop section, without having to open the rest of the zipper. Two zippedmesh pockets on the lid offer easy access to small accessories. For hand carrying, there are integrated handles at the top, side and bottom.



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