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“You canmic-upwith the included lavaliermic and use the second transmitter’s built-in omnidirectional mic to provide handheld audio”

The dual-channel receiver can mix or split audio from two different transmitters into two separate channels in mono or stereo mode, recording two people on separate audio tracks. The Blink 500 Pro systems come in a charging case with single-button pairing for all units while inside. They offer a line-of-sight recording range of 100m, bright OLED display, and a headphone jack that enables independent volume control for audio monitoring. You can mic-up with the included lavalier mic and use the second transmitter’s built-in omnidirectional mic to provide handheld audio, or have an interviewee quickly clip it to clothing. Tested in this issue, Rode’s new Wireless Go II system (£279/$299) has a second transmitter and a dual-channel receiver. The transmitters boast built-in mics, or you can use an included lav mic. The system features internal recording for up to seven hours of uncompressed audio. This feature is accessed via the new Rode Central app.

and the receiver comes with a clip-on hotshoe mount that sits on top of your camera. It plugs into the mic socket with a coiled lead. They automatically link up together, meaning you’re ready to record instantly. The range is 75m/250ft in ideal conditions. A very different option is the Sennheiser Memory Mic (£179/$199). This comprises a clip-on box attaching to a lapel or pocket, and features an omnidirectional mic. The unit communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth, but can internally store up to four hours of audio. When paired with the phone, the Memory Mic downloads its high-quality audio. And for ENG-style interviews on the street, it’s best to invest in a dedicated reporter’s mic, such as those made by Sennheiser, Rode and Shure. If you have a powered XLR mic, you plug in an XLR wireless unit offered by brands like Sennheiser, Saramonic and Sony. This allows you to send audio to a wireless receiver on the camera. The days of long cables are in the past!

Sennheiser has one of the largest ranges of wireless systems, from small and compact, to fully featured for the biggest projects. Sennheiser’s XS Wireless Digital series offers top-quality audio in an easy plug-and-play kit. The Sennheiser XSW-D ENG wireless audio set (£330/$399) has small, cylindrical wireless and transmitter packs. It’s possible to plug your mic into the transmitter’s stereo input jack, TECHNICAL TOUCH Audio-Technica continues to go more upmarket and high-tech with its ATW-1701/P1 system, offering lots of advanced options



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