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“Most cameras can’t be just plugged into a laptop for streaming as they output a high-resolution signal, while streaming requires a lowdata rate”

fades and cuts you made included in it. When it comes to editing in Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve, all five streams are available, so you can re-edit the programme by changing the cuts. Having only SDI inputs is fine if your camera has these outputs, but for cameras with HDMI, you need a converter – at £102/$99 per camera, the Atomos Connect Convert unit is ideal. For professional live broadcasts, cameras must have the same white-balance and exposure. Any cameras tethered to the streaming station need to have cables secured with gaffer tape, unless you go for wireless solutions…

inputs, plus the program, for a total of nine recording streams. The newmodels include a broadcast-quality streaming engine for live streams across social. The AtemMini Extreme costs £922/$995, while you can pick up the AtemMini Extreme ISO for £1198/$1295. Other options include the Roland V-1HD, consisting of four HDMI inputs, a full 12-channel audio mixer and two HDMI outputs – all for £924/$995. The Atomos Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 monitors/recorders take up to four SDI camera inputs and can act as touchscreen switching units, capturing that output signal as a fifth streamwith all the

DOWN UNDER DAZZLERS Aussie firms Blackmagic Design and Atomos are leading the way in streaming tech. The Atem Mini Extreme switcher (top) and plug-in connector unit (above) allow you to stream from pro cameras

Facebook Live and YouTube don’t offer the control that professional filmmakers need. To streamwith captions, transitions or lower third graphics, Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) is the most popular software – plus, it’s free! Downloading OBS from , an auto-configuration wizard tests your system and identifies settings that your PC can handle, such as streaming or recording, resolution, bit rate, encoding capabilities and streaming providers. Your source inputs can include your computer’s webcam, a BlackmagicWeb Presenter or another device, as well as separate audio inputs. You can also set opening credits, welcome screens and a host of other graphics. While Facebook Live and YouTube are the most popular, the leader in professional streaming is Livestream, owned by Vimeo. It takes huge events with more than a million simultaneous viewers and streams to computers, tablets and phones. They can also handle the front end, allowing an audience to watch either free or paid-for footage. STREAMING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS



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