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THE TOURIST There are no flies on you

T he Tourist stars Jamie Dornan as The Man, a Brit who wakes up in the Australian outback with amnesia following a car crash. As he tries to piece his life back together, it becomes clear that someone wants him dead. He must use the few available clues to discover his identity before the past catches up. This six-part BBC thriller was penned by Bafta-nominated and Emmy-winning screenwriters Jack and Harry Williams, with Christopher Sweeney directing and Ben Wheeler in charge of principal photography. Filmed on location, the shoot primarily took place in Adelaide, regional towns such as Port Augusta, and the Flinders Ranges mountains. It is the largest production South Australia has ever seen, and perhaps for good reason. Once filming had wrapped, the cast and crew opened up about the challenges of creating a production in the heart of the state’s unforgiving outback. When you watch the show, you can’t help but notice the actors waving excessively. But don’t be fooled into

TOUGH TRAVELS Shalom Brune-Franklin and Jamie Dornan (above) star in this high-octane mystery thriller

thinking they’re being friendly – we’re talking about a hard-hitting drama here. Termed the ‘Aussie salute’, the cast (and crew) were forced into these gestures as they batted away the plague of flies gunning for their eyes. As the landscape is so remote and water is sparse, flies were drawn to them as a source of replenishment – much to the team’s dissatisfaction. The BBC forked out extra to remove them in post-production. But with the series already receiving stellar reviews, hopefully they agree it was worth it.

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