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IMAGES Waiting days for lab processing and stitched deliverables has become a thing of the past with the Brownian Motion Stitchbox

SSD X5 gives you a and bus-powered”

IMAGES The Brownian Stitchbox is rugged and robust, capable of withstanding extreme heat, cold and inhospitable environments

encountered, along with vibration from vehicle use. The system also had to run on battery power and have a built-in UPS. Most importantly, it had to be light enough and small enough to be rigged alongside all the other necessary equipment for an array, be it on a helicopter or a sports car. BOX OF TRICKS Having overcome these challenges, there are two versions of the Brownian Stitchbox. The Maxi version, which can handle 16x1080p inputs, and a Mini version, which can handle 8x1080p and only weighs 10kg. Reading metadata from Arri, Red and Sony SDI inputs, it can auto-record either 4K or 1080p files onboard with frame-accurate time code, as well as burn-ins for clip name, toll and any other necessary information. Files can be delivered at wrap or even throughout the day in any flavour of ProRes or DNxHD for instant editorial use.

The same interpolated feed that is recorded can also be transmitted to video village with a mere four-frame lag for processing. Slate and take information can be inserted as burn-ins between takes via wireless control, making the editorial files instantly match the source boards. THE PACKAGE The Brownian Stitchbox completes the Brownian Motion package offering for high-end VFX work. From design and manufacture of custom rigs, to on-set use, complete with crew and workflow support. If one of Brownian’s existing rigs is suitable, it’s an off-the-shelf rental with a day’s prep. Brownian has streamlined the kit required to a few boxes that can fly into location as excess luggage on a commercial flight with crew. Cameras, lenses, crew and now offline files. All under one roof.

MORE INFORMATION: Jeff Brown Deane De-Beger


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