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The Canon K35 lenses bring that inherent character, age and quality with them

I have a particular set that I use that belong to a friend of mine. It’s one of those things that I lobbied for from early on to get that particular set.” Court says that when he initially moved to large format, there were very few lenses available. “All the manufacturers are now making large format lens sets, but when they first became available to us, there were just a few options that would actually cover the sensor. But it just so happens that, with the exception of the 18mm, the K35s do. They bring that inherent character, age and quality with them, but married with the large format. They just look really nice to my eye and really liked what they did.” He adds: “But I also wanted to have something different to mix in with it – I didn’t want the look to be as simple as that one set of lenses on the LF, so we also used the first set of production lenses of the Arri DNA lenses. I used a prototype set of DNAs on Series 2 of Killing Eve and I think (you’d have to check with Arri) I was the first person to use them. They were literally prototypes, they weren’t finished, but they agreed to let me have them. Although there

ABOVE Julian Court used Canon K35 lenses as well as Arri DNA lenses to create the look for Killing Eve

KILLING EVE SERIES 1, 2 AND 3 ARE CURRENTLY STREAMING ON BBC IPLAYER beautiful is not just the amazing cameras and lenses, but Court’s hard work, attention to detail and dedication to ambience. were much bigger productions out there that might have been using them. “There were some things about those lenses that I loved and some things I liked less, but I decided there were enough interesting qualities in them. I also wasn’t using them as my prime set, which was the K35s. I only needed certain ones from the DNA set and only certain things needed to work for me.” He concludes: “I got great results I really like, and I’m sure they are part of what you’re seeing on the finished look.” It’s clear that what makes Killing Eve so


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