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Editor’s letter For themasses

Photography has changed so much in the past decade and it is brilliant that more people are taking pictures than ever before, whether they use phones, action cameras, CSCs or DSLRs. Whether it's driven by the need to populate social media or the sheer simplicity of taking high-quality pictures I think this is very much a great thing. The quality aspect is so important. For those of you familiar with the grainy, blurry, underexposed and generally grotty images we saw from Disc, 110 and 126 snapshot cameras, you know exactly what I mean. If you weren't around when such snapshot cameras existed you only have to look in your family album to appreciate the amazing quality possible from today’s digital cameras. The fact that there is no cost to taking pictures once you have the kit is clearly another huge incentive for so many pictures to be taken, too. For keen photographers, no film or processing costs means the option of spending that money on better lenses is very welcome. There is no downside to all this, except perhaps when you turn up at a popular photographic location and find the place seemingly teeming with people all keen to capture the sights – usually with themselves included. And you get the full gamut too, from selfie shooters and phone users to tripod-toting photographers staggering under the weight of their kit. That happened to me earlier this month when I took a few days away from the Christmas schedules to visit Iceland with the idea of shooting the Northern Lights. I have seen thembut not taken any decent pictures.

On the black beach at Vik and Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon, a great deal of patience was needed to get people-free pictures and sometimes it wasn’t possible in the time I had. I know the clone tool is going to be busywhen it comes round to editing time. I couldn't help but laugh when a rock I was getting ready to shoot – I was all framed up and just waiting for a shaft of light and the right wave to come along – was sat upon by a girl who asked her companion to take a picture of her posing on it. Guess what! The required light and wave appeared while she was still on the rock. Typical! Of course, I don’t have a problem with this sort of situation because that is just the way it is, and it all adds to the rich tapestry that is modern photography. I’ve decided that for 2016, while my passion for digital capture continues undiminished, to make a commitment to shoot some film. I have a film Leica M so that is going to get dusted down and I’m going to buy a pinhole camera, too. The latter is because I have a project idea that would suit a lo-fi approach. Inevitably, it will mean going out with both mediums, but on occasion I’m going to risk going out, for example, only with the pinhole camera. It should be interesting. Meanwhile, seasons greetings to you all, and have a great, peaceful and very photographic start to 2016.

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