Photography News issue 24


Photography News Issue 24


Express yourself Photographic printing at home is made even easier with Epson’s latest all-in-one printers

News in brief

Smoothmoves Manfrotto’s new sliders give smooth and accurate movement thanks to their eight high precision steel ball bearings. The Slider system with 391RC2 head enables a pan and tilt motion as well, whilst the system with a 494RC2 is perfect for a fast set- up with a quick release plate.

Epson has laid down the gauntlet for all-in-one printers with its release of models in the Expression range. Joining the already popular line-up in the Expression Premium series are the XP-830, XP-635, XP‑630 and XP-530, which set out to produce everything from glossy photos to clear text documents. The next level quality of these latest Expression printers is thanks to a new four-colour dye and pigment ink set, making your colour prints even more vibrant and if you’re into black & white shots, the addition of a Photo Black ink cartridge makes blacks appear deeper and richer.

For the money-conscious, the ExpressionHome range, comprising the XP-435, XP-432, XP‑335, XP‑332 and XP-235, is designed to cost you less cash without compromising on quality. Individual inks help keep the cost down, whilst a compact overall size means it can fit compactly into any space, home or office. A brand-new EcoTank range also helps you save pennies with every print. It boasts an ultra- low cost per page and its refillable ink tank does awaywith the need for ink cartridges.

Another way to edit Corel is challenging you to resist opening Photoshop for your picture editing, instead giving its latest X8 and X8 Ultimate versions of PaintShop Pro a go. Interested? Corel is offering a free 30-day trial, giving you enough time to see if this subscription-free, affordable software is all its cracked up to be. All new tools make the latest PaintShop Pro versions intriguing, with the X8 now featuring Magic Move, a content-aware tool to replace backgrounds to remove people or moving objects amongst other features. The X8 Ultimate also enables quick conversion and editing of Raw files as well as a range of creative filters and presets. The X8 will set you back £59.99 whilst the Ultimate X8 version costs £64.99.

Leica-ed to thrill The Leica S (Typ 007) medium- format camera is faster, more sensitive and comes with even more features than its predecessor. A MAX CMOS sensor and Leica Maestro II Imagine processor work at speeds up to 3.5 frames- per-second, delivering videos in Full HD or 4K and regardless of ISO levels, you’ll still be getting exceptional quality. The autofocus system has been upgraded too, working at higher speeds and more precisely, in part to help deliver more accurate tracking of moving subjects. The sensor has a dual- axis position so when shooting through the viewfinder, you’ll be seeing the precise horizontal and vertical orientation for bang-on positioning of your

subject without the help of any accessories. There are, of course, the usual extras too, with the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi offering extra functionality. As you’d expect from Leica, the Leica S (Typ 007) is never going to be a spare of themoment purchase. It’ll set you back £12,900.

Monitor magic

The BenQ 27in monitor brings exceptional colour accuracy and high specs to the table, all with for a reasonably affordable price. The BenQ SW2700PT is the second colour critical monitor released by BenQ and is designed for pro picture editors, with a 2560x1440 resolution display, 99% Adobe RGB colour space and IPS technology. A controller is included for quick switching between three custom modes:

Adobe RGB, sRGB and black & white photo mode. Includedwith eachmodel is an individual factory-tested colour calibration report whilst a ten-bit display panel facilitates smooth shading and colour transitions in natural gradations. The BenQ SW2700PR is available to buy now and costs just shy of £500.

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