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Photography News Issue 24

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Editor’s letter Plan for the future

I'm not being morbid or anything but I was thinking about death the other day, my death. I’m not expecting to depart for the great darkroom in the sky any time soon but it was brought about by thinking about my will. And that got me thinking about prints – bear with me, all will become clear in a short while. The thing is, when I’ve gone my sisters, nephews and nieces will rummage through my worldly possessions and much of them will end up going to a used-camera dealer, anything of value (not much) will be shared out, and the rest skipped. The rest will likely include the hard drives holding most of my photography archive, thousands of negatives and a couple of boxes of prints. These prints are A3s and A2s of trees, landscapes and other attempts at creative photography. Invaluable to me but meaningless to the rest of the world – and that includes my family. The point I’m trying to make is that the valuable pictures, the truly valuable pictures, of the family at Christmas, weddings, christenings, barbecues and so on will be safely stashed on the hard drives heading for disposal at the local landfill site. I know for a fact that no one in my family is going to fire up the computer with the hard drives connected and scour the Lightroom catalogues looking through thousands of images for these priceless shots. And I haven’t made it easy by having all these pictures in a folder labelled ‘Pictures: please enjoy uponmy death’ sitting nicely on my desktop.

Long story short, I and most of you are not printing – and if you are printing it’s for a club competition or to hang on your wall so the prints, in all probability, will have no sentimental value to your loved ones. We are shooting more than ever but unlike in the heyday of film when we went to the local photo dealer after special occasions and holidays with rolls of film to be processed and printed so you had something tangible to enjoy, these images will stay on our hard drives or used on social media sites. Neither have any long-term benefit to the family. To be fair it’s not a revelation on the scale of an apple bouncing off Newton’s head or Archimedes flooding his bathroom, but it has mademe go throughmy Lightroomcatalogues searching for important snapshots that the family might enjoy seeing after I’ve gone. And I’ve had 6x4in prints made of them at 5p each using an online lab – that’s £5 for 100, an absolute bargain. These prints now reside in a fireproof box, alongside my hard drive back up and passport, with the key tied to the handle. I hope my family appreciate the effort when I’ve gone and if they decide to keep them like a family heirloom, my job is done. Perhaps you need to think about your legacy, too.

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