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Editor’s letter It’s time to think about 2018

Happy 2018 to you all, and I hope you are all set for another year of great photography. But before I look forward, it is worth taking a quick look in the rear view mirror and our Gear of the Year Awards. I reckon 2017 was a vintage year as far as kit is concerned, and we saw significant and exciting milestones from several imaging brands. More megapixels, faster shooting speeds and autofocus performance were areas where we saw notable advances. The winners of our prestigious awards are decided by you, so if you have already taken a few minutes to vote, thank you. If you haven’t, we’d really appreciate your time and consideration. All you have to do is visit our website,, follow the link and record your votes – you don’t have to register or log in to vote. There are 34 categories but we have shortlisted most categories so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Thanks for your time. The new year traditionally brings along with it resolutions. You know the sort of thing – lose weight, do more exercise, drink less, aim to get eight hours sleep, the usual. Many resolutions are long forgotten by Valentine’s Day, if not sooner. One of my last year’s resolutions was to take fewer pictures and make more frames count. I couldn’t really assess how well I kept to my resolution until year end when I could go through my catalogue and really consider my output. Actually, I lie. I have been kidding myself for most of the year because I knew the resolution was not worth a dot months ago. I’m an anorak, so my Lightroom catalogue is kept pretty much up to date and I knew my output in terms of frames was as prodigious as ever. While I was getting plenty of five-star shots which I’m very pleased with, I was still overshooting. I was obsessing too much, with the result that I would end up with a dozen or more variations of a scene when two or three would have done. My shutter finger’s lack of discipline means I end up with too many near identical shots. The thing is, though – that is not always a bad thing. I could be meaner with frames, but I often find that really exploring a subject – obsessing! – ensures I have lots of choice during editing. A six-inch variation of camera viewpoint, a lens change or using a filter can

mean a great deal, making the difference between a picture I am okay with or one that I am truly delighted with. Therefore, based on last year’s resolution experience, while I think I want greater control over my shutter finger’s profligacy my subconscious tells me to continue blasting away. So I will. Now is also the perfect time to start thinking about holidays and trips for the coming year. I’ve got several trips abroad in the diary already, including a couple of bucket list photo trips to go with various UK excursions as I try to complete my existing projects and embark on a couple of new ones. In all likelihood, one of my next projects is to photograph viaducts and in particular those built in Victorian times. With this one, I will have to select carefully for the simple reason that there are so many and as my projects are self-motivated, I don’t want to work too hard or make it too difficult. I’m still planning and have spent a few hours on the web and poring over OS maps online, checking locations and picture potential. Of course, there are the standouts that I can’t miss (Ribblehead, Harringworth, Glenfinnan) but I want to include a variety so this needs further work and research before jumping into the car. Meanwhile I still have 25 piers to visit including several to reshoot for various reasons; but maybe I can start my viaducts

project if I happen to drive nearby. Let’s touch base again next month.

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