FEED Winter 2023 Newsletter


What is the company’s origin story? Gary Palmer, CEO, and Jake Laver, CTO, have been friends ever since school growing up in London, UK. They have been tinkering on projects together for the last six years, with a keen interest in AI. Gary’s experience of working in the film industry led him to see how, while often at the cutting edge of innovation, many filmmaking processes are still antiquated and manual. These complex but repetitive tasks were perfect for AI. Along with Jake’s experience in building secure and scalable systems for fintech companies, this meant they could build the tools the industry was crying out for. They met Richie Murray on the Founder Institute programme in London in 2022, a pre-seed accelerator they joined independently. His experience selling for early-stage B2B tech start-ups was what was needed to launch the company and bring Spotlight to market. With the addition of computer vision expert Ryan, Electric Sheep has the perfect team in place to take Spotlight to the next level. What is it working on right now? Electric Sheep is committing to accelerating VFX with AI. It wants to solve the tedious, repetitive technical tasks so creatives can get back to creating. Electric Sheep will use a recent capital injection to build and enhance Spotlight, the industry’s first AI rotoscoping tool capable of the detail needed for Hollywood. This includes detecting details such as individual hair strands. Spotlight is designed for industry workflows by outputting an editable layer that allows VFX artists to make key adjustments (known as splines). What is the next step? A focus on product and customers. This allows Electric Sheep to build out its AI talent and provide the resources needed in order to train and improve Spotlight. All the while, Electric Sheep is in constant dialogue with the industry to ensure it’s building the tools it wants in a way it wants. What one thing does the company need most? Electric Sheep is on the lookout for VFX houses eager to be early AI adopters. It’s currently running free tests for experienced industry professionals and looking for feedback and insights into their processes and workflows.




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