FEED Autumn 2022 Web

FEED: Start by telling us about your company, Media Bounty.

JAKE DUBBINS: It is an ethical creative and media agency. I set it up 14 years ago, with two other co-pilots, Matt Webster and Emma Tozer. Matt left to live in Brazil, so it’s my business partner Emma and I. And it’s going better than ever. The three of us had been working at a radio PR company, which went

south. Emma, Matt and I then asked: “Right, should we get jobs? Or should we start something up?” We kind of had a bit of a punt. This was in November 2008 in the middle of the financial crash. So, we took the brave, or idiotic, option. We wanted to do it in the right way, as an ethical organisation,

from the word go. Partnering with the World Land Trust, we donated money before we sent our first invoice – and it went from there. We’ve run various businesses. Some of it has gone right, some terribly, some extremely painfully – but it’s been enjoyable. There are no smooth parts to running an agency.


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