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captured by an array of field-of-play microphones. It isolates the action noises from the crowd ambience and adds to the sonic rendition – sound supervisors like to call them ‘presentations’ – captured with dedicated microphones, without the slightest comb filter effect.

In a multi-channel scenario, moreover, a powerful upmix and downmix routine allows audio engineers to seamlessly blend two-track commercials into a multi-channel telecast – complete with a convincing multi-channel impression of the commercial’s soundtrack (something

Properly equipped, wide-area-networked consoles handle this flawlessly. While there is no substitute for talent, the time factor can be squeezed using software like mxGUI – a fully-featured virtual console surface. Stories abound about audio engineers on their way to an arena aboard a train or plane, using this software to set up microphone channels, patches and snapshots. As an audio engineer, you know how many channels need to be configured and where signals have to go. Once you arrive at the venue, simply transfer your set-up to the desk using a USB stick. Ah, but what if the mix was prepared for the wrong console model? Although this rarely happens, the model is of no consequence in the case of a Lawo mc² console, thanks to built-in family compatibility: the set-up parameters will find their way to the right places, and the event can be mixed in a way that satisfies the sound supervisor, the producer and viewers at home alike. The sun’s out, the water’s warm and the tools are ready. When will you take the plunge?

similar, available courtesy of the V__matrix vm_udx app, is possible with video footage that is seamlessly upconverted to UHD, or downconverted to HD where necessary).


TIME TO DIVE IN Most of the above may also be possible ‘in the box,’ except that live events usually require tweaks, for which you need reliable hardware tools that you can locate with your fingers, blindfolded. Mixing the audio coming from a venue in a location – sometimes thousands of miles from the production hub – is still rather difficult to achieve on a computer or touchscreen.

Audio-follows-video is another highly appreciated feature in live coverage scenarios, to ensure that what viewers see on their screen matches what they hear. Triggered by the video switcher, handheld cameras or special cams, operators can transmit audio signals to the audio program mix without requiring the A1’s attention.


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