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STADIUMS & ARENAS Fans now expect a rich, multiplatform experience when they go to the big game. State-of-the-art broadcast infrastructure, multiscreen entertainment and 5G come together to make it a spectacle for all the senses. Whether you’re installing 5G or want to put up digital signage, Xtreme can help turn your venue into a full-spectrum hub for sports entertainment. ESPORTS & FUTURE TECH Pro video gaming is one of the biggest sports money-makers around right now, with viewing figures that dwarf international sporting tournaments. Xtreme covers not just the latest in esports production and events around it, but all the new ways technology turns competition into dazzling media. OTT & STREAMING Easily available platforms mean that even a small brand can reach people anywhere in the world. Whether you’re broadcasting via social media or through your own dedicated platform, Xtreme will introduce you to the new technologies and techniques, leveraging everything internet distribution has to offer. FAN ENGAGEMENT & MONETISATION Now you’ve got fans, how do you keep them? And how can subscriptions, advertising, new platforms and live events boost revenue and expand your offering? Xtreme looks at how technology can help you transform sports passion into sports business.

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Since its launch in 2018, FEED has raced to the top of media technology news and info brands. Its quarterly magazine is delivered to the desks – and screens – of leading media-makers around the world, working in streaming, linear broadcast, news, sports, gaming, social media and the ever-evolving technology ecosystem surrounding them. FEED ’s content-creation services are used by brands whose infrastructure underpins the entire industry.

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