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ven the most shoulder- shrugging sports lover has heard of non-fungible

of the corporate structures of professional sports ownership? A way for supporters to achieve the meaningful decision-making many have long craved? The idea is not unique to sport, and is at the heart of the philosophy driving a suite of new digital tools collectively known as Web3. Advocates believe that Web3 combinations – NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain – can recentre capital from monopoly control into one where the division of labour is democratised, power is decentralised and the rewards are evenly distributed. There is a raging debate about whether Web3 truly is the saviour of humankind’s inequitable

tokens (NFTs), which their own club or favourite athlete is likely selling. And what fan wouldn’t want to buy an unforgettable sports moment? NFT talk is everywhere. Deloitte predicts the sports market will generate over $2 billion in NFT sales this year. Among the largest purveyors is Sorare, which has deals with all of the top five major football leagues, including the Bundesliga, to market video-based tokens. In the future, Deloitte thinks all sports will have some form of NFT. But could NFTs be the gateway drug to a fundamental upending


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