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Art Aldrich Otek TV Owner

What are some of the best ways for businesses to use video? The real question is why aren’t we using video here? My clients are asking for things like pitch videos, product/ service launches and internal messaging that feels more organic. Days of polished talking heads are behind us. The easier I can make the delivery process, from a speed and cost perspective, the more likely my clients will choose video first. The trick is knowing the right tools for the job. Give us your best corporate video success story. We produce a fair amount of corporate golf videos, mini documentaries really. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, my client had a schedule of 12 golf outings that were in flux. They did not want to lose contact with their prospects, but in-person events were out of the question. We developed a plan to have the golf pro play a hole with a foursome of attendees over live stream. It was interactive, as the guests could talk to the pro as they described their thoughts on playing the hole. It was a huge success, as the client was able to engage prospects, not

lose their pre-paid venue costs, and more importantly for me, keep my crew employed. Which is your current favourite tool in your video creation workflow? Someone turned me on to a piece of software called MimoLive. It’s a Mac-based video tool like OBS, but on steroids, allowing me to produce content both livestreamed and recorded as a presentation. This features tools I have not seen on any other Mac offering, like the ability to handle multiple mix-minuses or send and receive remote feeds from nearly any source. It’s my new favourite go-to tool. What word of warning would you give to a business hoping to expand its video offering? If the expansion requires new gear, good luck. Supply chain issues make acquiring what you want hard and expensive. With reduced budgets, paying that off will take longer. Luckily, I made wise decisions on gear prior to Covid-19. My warning would be to plan carefully.

Dominik Mate Kovacs Colossyan CPO & co-founder

What are some of the best ways for businesses to use video? They should be taking advantage of video now. The easiest way is to repurpose or enhance the content you already have. This can look like creating videos from PDFs or Powerpoint presentations. Video can help with onboarding employees, explaining processes, or creating tutorials that help visual learners better understand what they need to do. It’s also helpful on the technical, SEO side, because Google now monitors the length of time a visitor stays on a page. With concentration spans lowering and people quickly skimming over images and text, video content holds attention. The longer someone spends on your site, the better your search engine ranking. There are a

multitude of ways video can help engage employees and increase efficiency in a business.

Give us your best corporate video success story. We helped the state of New Mexico with corporate video. They produce a lot of educational content around topics like driving permits, tax declarations, address changes and more. Before we started working with them, all these processes were explained in text-heavy articles. But they found that natives of the state preferred watching videos when receiving large amounts of information. With Colossyan’s technology, the state of New Mexico created video tutorials using AI actors with natural voices, to create a much more engaging learning experience. It was a big success! Which is your current favourite tool in your video creation workflow? Our text-to-AI video creator Colossyan, of course! We’ve harnessed the power of AI to make studio-quality videos with synthetic actors in minutes. Cutting out the exorbitant costs of hiring a production team and hours of recording has made producing video more accessible for everyone.



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