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From transmitting your brand’s message to delivering a ‘how-to’, video is one of the best tools for boosting your business

fter completing a total makeover of its pre-existing services, as well as the launch of Dalet Pyramid, Dalet has been doing some serious globetrotting. It

“Connecting people and aggregating all content (local or global) is possible in a single, centralised source. This is a fundamental factor when it comes to unifying your video and media content operations,” explains Kirchhoffer. Since video is a growing method of amplification in corporate communication, how media-rich companies exploit it is absolutely critical. Flex’s ability to connect teams working anywhere, as well as easily integrating with any ecosystem, shows a high level of sophistication. 2) UNLOCKING EFFICIENCY “One of the biggest challenges to video- rich communication, is having the ability to truly ensure efficiency. By automating actions, you can focus on the creative tasks that bring core value to an organisation.” Dalet Flex can coordinate campaigns based on the specific – and occasionally complex – needs of a customer. But this is only the first step to establishing productivity. The next is implementing automation, to function with agility and minimise bottlenecks. “For example, as a personal video manager, you would only have to take the first steps of adjusting the title and metadata, and select destination platforms,” continues Kirchhoffer. “Then click on your workflow within Flex, and everything else is done automatically.” 3) DRIVING CONSISTENCY An ability to apply better quality control in video workflow means a creation of clear messaging – and, most significantly, being certain your brand initiatives are indeed delivering results. “Consistency is one of the main mandates for us,” Kirchhoffer notes. “Making sure everybody has full access to assets, all brand initiatives are delivered


has taken on a multitude of trade shows, displaying all its latest developments. “This year has been a big milestone for us,” begins chief marketing officer Robin Kirchhoffer. “The entire Dalet product line-up has been revamped, and all our offerings are sold on a subscription basis.” The solutions provider is always considering future challenges, as well as the present. With the launch of Dalet Flex for teams at the forefront of news, it’s little surprise that a wider conversation has already started – about how corporations can streamline their media workflows. “Organisations are turning to speciality tools, in order to scale and provide access to their content,” Kirchhoffer highlights. “In the past five to six years, we saw this developing, but in the last two to three, it has accelerated exponentially.” Dalet has a client repertoire to prove this. It boasts brands like DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Nasa, Audi and QVC. 1) UNIFYING TEAMS There are four key mandates for how Dalet Flex can help: first and foremost, the ability to bring teams together.


and there’s uniformity in communication are central to what we offer.” 4) ORCHESTRATING THE ECOSYSTEM “Flex’s ability to accommodate individual ecosystems, adding simplicity as well as sophistication, allows you to focus on what matters and scale out the results.” Not only is Dalet covering all these in its workflow management, but this is why UX is at the top of the priority list. “Flex isn’t just an enterprise-grade platform, it’s available as a service,” adds Kirchhoffer. “A truly SaaS product eliminates the complexity of deploying and maintaining the solution, and enables access for remote workers. It’s also faster; you could order it today and receive a system tomorrow. “With that, you get out-of-the-box configuration and workflows, access to all the latest features – and, crucially, are able to scale as you go.” For more information, head to: dalet.com/products/flex


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