FEED Autumn 2022 Web


40  Future Shock – Creative AI Artificial intelligence and machine learning are unlocking new and better ways of making content 50 Masterclass – AI in broadcast

Our panel of tech vendors discuss what AI and ML can bring to broadcasters – and what it can’t




FEED:Xtreme A sample from our new sports tech magazine, FEED:Xtreme . Are NFTs all hype – or will they score big? Media Bounty co-founder Jake Dubbins calls on advertisers to think ethically about where their money is going

92 Genius Interview

104 Just the Numbers

Key data from Vidyard’s annual Video in Business Benchmark Report

124 Ukraine


We talk to the team who captured the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, for a holographic AR message delivered to the entire tech world

88 Lawo 18 MPB

23 Pebble 64 Ross Video 108 Signiant 24 Sony


Starfish Technologies

101 Zero Density 48 Zixi

59 Tedial 76 Telstra 72 TSL

114 On-Hertz 36 Panasonic


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