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MODELLING AND ANIMATING HUMANS WITHIN 3D COMPUTER GRAPHICS HAS HISTORICALLY REQUIRED PROHIBITIVELY COMPLEX TECHNOLOGIES platform. The company also offers an API for enterprises to access its AI directly. “While human representation is central to nearly all storytelling, it’s also the most difficult and demanding to get right, especially for real-time use cases,” says Gavan Gravesen, founder and CEO of Radical. “Modelling and animating humans within 3D computer graphics has historically required prohibitively complex technologies. To help solve this problem, and accomplish true scale, we started to combine deep learning, human biomechanics and 3D computer graphics into a platform anyone can use. “We can achieve near-perfect, natural-looking human animation data from just a single 2D video input, all within a completely hardware- and software-agnostic architecture. That is because our AI studies and learns what actual human motion looks like. It doesn’t use an algorithmic, robotic approximation, but reproduces genuine representations of human skeletal movement over time.” Radical’s goal of making human motion capture easily available means putting sophisticated animation in the hands of everyday

RADICAL MOVEMENT AI-boosted tools are making processes like human motion capture available to anyone

creators and across previously ‘low-tech’ media. Social platforms can be areas of exploration, experimentation and fast iteration for motion-capture content in a way that big, expensive productions could never be. Gravesen is committed to virtual production pipelines and the leverage gained through AI. “We’ve been developing our AI for virtual production since its inception. To us, this operates across a wide spectrum of features and use cases, from post-production using prototyping and previsualisation, through to live art performances, virtual YouTubing, interactive and immersive social media – even live TV broadcast formats.” The company has already granted a few development licences to larger next-gen media and entertainment houses. Most of these are well-known creative agencies and production companies specialising in 3D computer graphics, especially within AR/VR. Radical recently entered into a partnership with 3D design giant Autodesk. With a stated mission of ‘democratising end- to-end production in the cloud for content creators,’ it appears to be building a suite of tools for creating an accessible digital production workflow. Radical’s investment follows on the heels


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