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Market Development, Panasonic Connect Europe. “We pride ourselves on providing very good picture quality on a highly compact camera, with long zooms, wide angles and excellent build quality as well. With three years of warranty as standard and up to five years with the extension, the global package is still the best people can find on the market.” It’s been almost 15 years since the company started in all-in-one PTZs. Today, based on Futuresource data, it has a 76% share of the high-end PTZ camera market, claims Krier. However, Panasonic is not getting complacent. “Production budgets are going down, but the demand for content is still growing. So, of course, as a manufacturer, we need to adapt,” asserts Krier. “We are still the only manufacturer to offer a 4K50p/60p PTZ line-up. It’s a testament to the fact that we are focused on that broadcast market,”

Versatile, discrete and advanced – Panasonic’s PTZ cameras and Architect system are the perfect partners for capturing unmissable events

hat do a TV or AV streaming production and a building have in common? Both

“When we talk to technical directors or technicians today, most of them have already decided on the kind of workflow they are going to use; for example, NDI for a streaming production. So, even if you have the best PTZ camera in the world, if it doesn’t fit with that workflow, they might not select it,” says Guilhem Krier, Head of New Business &

have infrastructure that needs to be designed. This is the view taken by Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV when developing the PTZ Architect concept for all its pan-tilt-zoom cameras.


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