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THE BOX SEAT Sony’s SRG line-up was crucial to the smooth capture of lectures

content creation spaces and remote production. This is not just about video and audio, but control too – primarily as a result of the shift to AV over IP.” Claire Lam is SRG & PTZ product manager at Sony Professional, which introduced the SRG-X40UH Full HD remotely operated PTZ camera earlier this year. “Hybrid learning and working have become very popular,” she notes, “meaning houses of worship, educational outlets and businesses are installing PTZ cameras to livestream and produce high-quality video. Key requirements for these users include wide angles, powerful zoom capability, preset positions and easy installations.”

THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT VIDEO AND AUDIO, BUT CONTROL TOO For what might be termed more conventional broadcast applications, Lam says, “PTZs with remote control capability are a cost-effective means of managing the need for manpower. By mounting PTZ cameras on walls or ceilings, you can shoot from angles inaccessible to camera operators, but still maintain consistent workflow, high image quality and stable pan-tilt movement – all of which are vital for live production.” PRIORITIES PLEASE In considering the criteria a good PTZ camera should have for livestreaming sports, Paddy Taylor – the head of broadcast at Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) – does not hesitate. “You need the highest frame rate and/or largest sensor you can afford. There are plenty of PTZ cameras on the market that are 4K, but don’t offer 50 or 60fps because of the limited




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