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DELIVERING THE WOW FACTOR Blackbird enables pro editing in a browser that others thought impossible – and its CEO is here to explain

Words by Ian McDonough, Blackbird CEO

o hear some of the news reports coming out of recent trade shows, you would be forgiven for thinking the industry has suddenly cottoned on to the idea of post-producing content in a browser. The advantages of doing so certainly have a wow factor! Cost efficiencies alone should make the decision to move to cloud a no-brainer. Factor in the unrivalled flexibility of ramping up seats of specialist talent located anywhere – and the ability to produce broadcast-quality content with all the financial flex of software-as-a-service – and creators everywhere have a right to be excited. FULLY FEATURED EDIT SUITE IN A BROWSER This is not new. Blackbird has provided professional editing in a browser since 2018, and has been packing on the functionality ever since. Blackbird can do things in a browser that others thought impossible. With Blackbird, you have precision access to video, with frame-accurate editing within AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Supporting up to 12 video and 36 audio tracks, the toolset is highly responsive and – to quote one of our customers – ‘just glides.’

The sophisticated functionality is mature and stable. It includes alpha channel overlays, pan and zoom, multicam capability, real- time transitions, colour correction and effects. Blackbird supports full multichannel audio workflows. The platform’s subtitles all comply with international standards, and powerful logging and review capabilities will harmonise with integration to any MAM, CMS and CDN. This barely scratches the surface of its post-production powers – and doesn’t even mention Blackbird’s rapid publishing prowess. What we’ve achieved is not easy. We have heard that directly from much larger companies attempting the same thing. Everything we have done to make the user experience friction-free required elite engineers ‘polishing the pebble’ over decades of R&D, as well as the strategic and financial commitment that goes with that. CLOUD NATIVE IS YOUR CLOUD UPGRADE Blackbird has not become the industry standard for professional-grade editing in a browser without ruffling a few feathers. We will not shy from challenging the industry to change up what it means to move to the cloud.



One popular version of cloud is ‘virtualised’ or ‘remote production’ using cloud-based tools. These solutions are superior to traditional outside broadcast technology, since they slash transportation requirements. However, they still need dedicated hardware – it is simply stored in a location and controlled remotely. Cloud-native solutions like Blackbird do not use or require any dedicated hardware or infrastructure. This is the only way the industry can unlock the real benefits of cloud – namely scalability, flexibility and sustainability. We can prove this. Using Blackbird generates up to 91% less CO2 than on-premise and cloud-based workflows. At the same time, you can save up to 75% on infrastructure costs. Cloud-native solutions are essential in achieving effective remote working and driving more sustainable practices. The industry is finally waking up to a realisation we made a long time ago. Now, the onus is on companies to leapfrog to a browser-based future. Download Blackbird’s white paper at blackbird.video/howblackbirdworks/

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