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Greening of Streaming participants are suppliers to the media tech and video streaming sector, providing infrastructure for broadcasters and businesses.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY Executive director Adam Curwin (left) points out that reducing any environmental impact is actually the industry’s obligation


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‘No greenwashing’ is a founding motto for Greening of Streaming. The group seems genuinely eager to collect and analyse information in an impartial way, and discover solutions. This spring, a working group decided to get some hard numbers on exactly how much energy was being used by their system in a live broadcast. Akamai, Ateme and Broadpeak captured real-time measurements of their networks during the Uefa Champions League final, attempting to understand correlations between energy use and viewership. The data was turned over to University of Bristol researchers, including Professor Chris

Preist – an expert on energy use in ICT. He specialises in assessing how technology uses energy and intersects with human behaviour. “The University of Bristol is keen to be involved in generating groundbreaking research, to see if we can actually discover something and get that information out,” says Curwin. Robinson believes this data supports Greening of Streaming’s hypothesis that, contrary to received wisdom, reducing bandwidth doesn’t cut energy consumption. “Essentially, there’s very little energy variance going from nought to 30 million viewers. Infrastructure


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