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RTL Belgium is a group of media companies targeting the Belgian French- speaking audience throughout radio, TV, streaming, news and advertising. In this instance, we look to the huge transformation one of its many radio stations has undergone in the past couple of years. The studio’s metamorphosis was the first step of an ongoing, company-wide project, dedicated to modernisation and digitisation of all RTL Belgium radio. “It’s amazing to think that, before this project launched, we were producing radio using a 30-year- old workflow,” comments director of technology at RTL, Frederic Bochart. “As much as people are consuming television in different ways, they are also listening to radio differently – making non-linear content more important and triggering our desire to upgrade production.” The new configuration will allow repurposing for a variety of productions, from radio to podcasting to Twitch livestreams. RTL also wanted to get the finer details right, from ergonomics of seats to fluidity of interfaces. Every technical parameter must contribute to the wellbeing of their teams. “Audio was the biggest challenge, because we knew for the business and studio to change in the way it needed to, we required a reliable, high-quality solution,” says technical support manager, Damien Cornet. “We chose On-Hertz because of its vision. They could see the future. With Artisto’s vectorisation and automation capabilities perfect for the job, they were enthusiastic to be part of this massive project.” “Look at the studio’s before and after photos: the set is unrecognisable. There were 15 screens and user WE CHOSE ON-HERTZ BECAUSE OF ITS VISION. THEY COULD SEE THE FUTURE

TRANSFORM YOUR STUDIO From clunky, decades-old hardware (top), to a stripped-back, state-of-the-art set-up (above)

interfaces – now there are just three. Journalists can leverage the automated qualities of the studio and do the work themselves,” says Bochart. “The key thing to note is the web interface element – our technical team could set the order preset with an intuitive and simple UI,” adds Cornet. The pair stress how the environment had been conceived based on user experience – at both ends. From audience to employees, RTL has

established a 24/7 feedback loop, in a bid to constantly improve its new model. “It’s a big change for the guys who worked with the old configuration. This was about accommodating their needs, but also preparing for the new audio workforce, who were used to executing content with the tap of a smartphone,” concludes Bochart. Learn more about Artisto at: on-hertz.com/artisto


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