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LET’S GO, ENGO! Mobile technology is a growing concern in the live broadcast community – and Dejero’s modular range of transmitters has a lot to do with it... WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH QR CODE

ejero is an indisputable innovator, using the power of cellular networks to transport video with great flexibility and efficiency.

level of video quality, at extremely low latencies.” As demand goes up, from increasing numbers willing to pay a premium


cellular connections, it also delivers much greater security with AES 256 encryption.” This is a security-hardened Linux OS that comes with a cryptoprocessor to authenticate the hardware. “The 5G networks bonded by EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x transmitters can be combined with other wireless networks, including Wi-Fi and satellite – thanks to Dejero’s implementation of its Smart Blending Technology,” Fernandes adds. “This intelligently manages any fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss and latency differences of individual connections in real time, providing enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth.” For film, television and commercial production companies, EnGos are essential when it comes to addressing a need for ultra-reliable connectivity, in turn allowing for instant collaboration with dispersed teams. “At Dejero, we designed our 5G products from the ground up, to deliver superior connectivity and quality. “We are proud to bring these products to market and are excited to see how they are used by customers,” concludes Fernandes. For more information, head to: dejero.com/engo3x

The company’s product line is poised to take advantage of the imminent proliferation of 5G networks. Having joined Dejero in 2017, chief revenue officer Kevin Fernandes has over 15 years of experience working with audio and video customers, helping to develop and support equipment for broadcast, medical and industrial markets. From this wealth of knowledge, he has an insightful comprehension of just how important cellular technology can be. “The EnGo 3x is a great example of the industry’s acclimatisation to the cellular landscape. It boasts multicamera support for up to four fully frame-synced HD feeds, which is perfect for capturing feeds from multiple cameras in a single unit. Ultimately, it reduces the cost and complexity of live sports and event productions,” explains Fernandes. “An ability to transmit in 4K UHD with eight audio channels is central to this. It results in an unparalleled

for high-definition live sports and events, so does the expectation of HD delivery. “On top of this, 4K UHD live feeds can greatly benefit film, television and commercial productions – in turn simplifying things for distributed teams working remotely and without access to the set,” adds Fernandes. Another key element of 4K UHD is that it doesn’t demand a separate licence – a common occurrence with competing market offerings. Also available is the EnGo 3, which is designed for newsgathering in locations where 5G networks have been widely deployed. “As with the EnGo 3x, the EnGo 3 reliably transports broadcast-quality live video from remote locations, while also providing resilient, high-bandwidth internet access – all yet again sitting inside just a single device,” Fernandes points out. “With glass-to-glass latency as low as half a second over bonded

NEXT-GEN Smart Blending Technology helps the EnGo 3x unlock the potential of 5G

FIND YOUR WAY Dejero WayPoint receivers reconstruct video from multiple IP connections, decode HEVC/AVC and output to your workflow. A new model has been unveiled. “The WayPoint 3 works with EnGo 3x to receive video in resolutions up to 4K UHD, for high image quality,” says Fernandes. “Saving rack space in the server room, the WayPoint 3 simultaneously outputs up to four feeds from one receiver.” Its built-in redundancy reduces risk and maximises uptime.


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