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Words by Verity Butler

Video is a powerful tool for businesses. But how does your brand stack up against the competition?

asily one of the hottest fashion accessories for businesses large and small, video has proven to be an essential tool for marketing and messaging

approach that cannot be deployed without careful consideration. Our main mission at FEED is to inform brands, enabling them to fine-tune their personal offerings. Determining whether you want to deploy targeted corporate video marketing is all about establishing the figures and assessing its robustness as a method. Vidyard is an online video platform for businesses, working to increase leads and accelerate pipeline goals. Earlier this year, the company released its white

paper, entitled ‘2022 Video in Business Benchmark Report,’ serving as its fifth annual assessment in the series. Its findings are based on first-hand data collected from Vidyard customers, a research sample boasting over 1.35 million videos across a 12-month period – from 1 January to 31 December 2021. The report emphasises how, as video becomes increasingly pervasive, it’s vital to understand how businesses use it to deliver the best results. Here are some highlights from this year’s study.

VIDEO CREATION Overall, creation of video increased by 178% in 2021. In other words: over 1.3 million videos were created with Vidyard, in contrast to the 760,000 in 2020. A key part of the process – if you decide to implement a corporate video strategy within your brand – is choosing whether to produce content in-house, or liquidate another hunk of marketing budget to a video agency. As you can see, the former seems to be the most popular choice by far. User-generated videos are quicker to create, cheaper, and define the relatable humanity of the person behind the screen. Interestingly, two-thirds of user-generated videos are screen recordings or ‘hybrid’ videos, which include a webcam feed in the corner, showing the presenter’s face at the same time. strategies. It’s a simple technique: telling stories through a visual medium allows business and brands to connect with customers on a deeper level. But generating video content is inevitably a costly investment. Whether you hire an agency, or go down the route of producing content in-house, it’s an

Total user-generated vs produced video

20% Produced

80% User-generated


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