FEED Winter 2020/21 Newsletter

CE1 MediaKind has also come out with some updates, including the announcement of the launch of the CE1. The CE1 is a media contribution encoder based on cloud-ready software, coupled with hardware acceleration. It enables new video offerings while also facilitating immersive and compelling experiences. Combined with MediaKind’s RX1, the CE1 enables an end-to-end media contribution workflow. The CE1 is available as a cloud-native deployment model and can integrate with public cloud providers to enable broadcast-quality contribution to the cloud. CE1 software is also available within a hardware platform, giving broadcasters the option to run their services on-premises. Raul Aldrey, chief product officer of MediaKind, said: “The launch of our flexible, software-based CE1 encoding platform provides secure, high-quality professional content contribution. In conjunction with MediaKind’s RX1 platform, CE1 delivers an industry-beating, highly resilient, cloud-ready, secure video contribution workflow, which enables the delivery of next-generation media experiences today and in the future. “All broadcasters and content owners can invest with confidence, safe in the knowledge they will always remain current in a world of shifting media contribution technologies and infrastructure.” mediakind.com MEDIAKIND

ENHANCING PLATFORMS Announcements have also come from Verizon Media, revealing a set of new media platform enhancements that are designed to evolve the live streaming experience. These include new capabilities that provide further fan engagement for live sports, as well as launching Smartplay Prebid’s first integration with the Verizon Media ad platforms’ OTT Smart Auction. Verizon has partnered with Phenix Real Time Solutions, marrying its network, edge computing and ad insertion expertise with Phenix’s real- time streaming technology to enable sub-second latency for live sports at scale. This capability has been critical in developing new services required by broadcasters, rights owners, sports teams and leagues to deliver live sports in the stadium and to people’s homes. On top of this, Smartplay Prebid is an ad insertion technology for long-form video with TV-style ad breaks. It enables demand partners to bid on ad space simultaneously and have those bids evaluated alongside other ad buys, leveraging the open-source prebid server technology. The ad platforms division within Verizon Media recently launched OTT Smart Auction, a header bidding-like solution for premium OTT publishers that delivers programmatic video advertising from a vast array of demand sources. verizonmedia.com/media-platform VERIZON MEDIA


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