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touchscreen changes speed and responsiveness of the movements, 360º roll and portrait mode. And if you connect your smartphone via the free app, you can control motion, set up time-lapses and panoramic shots. The RavenEye transmission module mounts under the camera plate and connects via HDMI. This provides a live stream on the small screen. Using a phone on the mount gives a bigger view, too – or take the phone off and use it as a motion-control device. A real strength of the RS 3 Pro is its many accessories that will transform the camera’s functionality. Borrowed directly from the Ronin 4D is a system that lets you use a manual focus lens, married up to the focus monitor, then bolt on the LiDAR rangefinder above the optic. This turns any MF lens into AF, which you can manually override. LiDAR fires out thousands of laser signals for precise focusing, even in really low light – and it’s very fast. It only has a limited range of 14m/46ft; not ideal for longer lenses, but great close up. WE HAVE TRANSMISSION DJI RavenEye works well for short distances, but adding the new Transmission system gives a staggering 6km/20,000ft and provides live audio monitoring at 16-bit 48kHz. The transmitter unit can be charged by battery, or take power from the RS 3 Pro. It partners perfectly with the gimbal, but also works as a standard wireless audio system for any camera with an HDMI or SDI output. Standard antennae are a given, but long-range versions are also available. A DFS band has been range with low latency. Video is transferred in impressive 1080p/60fps

have longer, carbon-fibre arms to accommodate larger, heavier payloads, but set-up is the same. The duo each offer Bluetooth connectivity to your machine, allowing you to start and stop recording from the gimbal’s grip – as long as your camera is in the approved list on DJI’s website. A second handle bolts on to the side for two-handed operation and a low-slung, briefcase-style grip. Both have a more torquey focus motor, rod mount and set of universal focus gears for your lens. The rod mounting clamp is particularly clever, as a large thumbwheel allows you to screw it to a non-twist mount on the camera plate. In this basic configuration, you have two capable gimbals offering very smooth movements. The

NEW TRICKS The RS 3 Pro’s touchscreen lets you make quick changes (above left); while the Transmission system is an exciting wireless solution (above right)

Prices RS 3

£619/$719 RS 3 Pro £949/$1099 Transmission system £1979/$2499

added on top of traditional 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz settings, offering up to 23 channels for interference-free transmission. A built-in frequency sweeper automatically scans for the best wireless channel, instantly switching when needed. Select a channel manually to avoid intrusion between devices. This beams its signal to DJI’s seven-inch, 1500-nit High-Bright Remote Monitor, which includes an integrated receiver – so no need for cables. The device supports one transmitter with multiple receivers. Usefully, the Transmission kit not only controls the gimbal, but the camera too – if it’s the right model. The monitor has a built-in gyroscopic sensor that acts as a motion controller. For improved command, add optional handgrips. Power comes from its own batteries – or V-Mount, D-Tap or Sony NP-F. DC, USB-C to Lemo and SDI cables feature in the kit, plus a hood and strap to let you wear it around your neck. The monitor comes with lots of on-screen controls and a microSD card slot; this allows recording and playback of a 1080p/60fps H.264 live feed, as well as access to video timecodes – perfect for proxy editing on-set. The monitor is compatible with DJI Master Wheels and Force Pro accessories, allowing even more accurate gimbal control.

“Another handle bolts to the side for two-handed operation and a low-slung, briefcase-style grip”

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