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USED TO SUCCESS As a DOP, you’re familiar with gathering gear from different sources. Renting, buying and borrowing are standard, but have you considered the benefits of buying used? MPB is ready to help…

selection of stock, with bodies from the likes of Arri, Blackmagic, Canon and Red, and fleets of PL, Canon, Sigma, Fujinon and other cinema lenses to back them up. But that’s not all. You’ll also find lighting, video tripods, sliders, VR equipment, drones and more. In a time when stock is in short supply, it pays to take a look here, even if it’s in addition to your regular channels. If you’re not familiar with buying used, there can be a worry that you’ll be let down on a job. But if you’re comfortable renting cameras and lenses, as most of us are, you’ll already be handling used kit, just without the upside of owning it. Fortunately, MPB’s reputation is built on decades of customer satisfaction, and backed up by handling over 300,000 pieces of kit a year. Its experts not only carefully inspect and service all of the used stock, but also slap a six-month guarantee on them. Plus, if you find the item isn’t as described, you can return it free for a full refund within 14 days of delivery. With each listing individually photographed and meticulously described, you can be sure that you’re getting exact kit for your needs, rather than some random model, loosely based on a price or rating.

One route is to look at the used market. MPB is the world’s biggest buyer and seller of used cameras and lenses, and caters extensively for cinema and high-end production equipment, as well as stills gear. So, if you’re looking to buy in the second-hand market, that’s where our money would be. In fact, a brief glance at’s online catalogue immediately reveals a wide

WHETHER LOOKING TO RENT or buy from new, cinema kit can be tough to source right now. There are many reasons for the scarcity, from the semiconductor shortage in manufacturing, to the supply chain problems caused by Brexit and the pandemic. But wondering about the cause isn’t going to get you the gear you need. To rise above the problems and keep working, many are focusing on other sources.


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