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experience. Secondly, the quality of the virtual worlds being built to a level that provides something close to a convincing real-world simulation. With some of the groundbreaking developments in computer processing and graphics technology recently, it’s hard to argue that we haven’t just reached those levels needed. Now, the challenge of the metaverse is constructing these expansive virtual worlds. With the tools already in the hands of the creators, it’s exciting to imagine what’s going to come next. HOCHMAN: One important shift is that the general public is now open-minded enough to not consider certain forms of consumption too weird for interest. I’m excited about augmented reality and mixed reality. While virtual reality has its place, I’m not convinced a person will enjoy wearing a headset all day long. Large LED displays are a perfect technology for an immersive reality, because you can view it in person,

“While virtual reality has its place, I’m not convinced a person will enjoy wearing a headset all day long”

without anything on your face. The Weather Channel is doing some incredible things with XR right now, and I see this becoming more commonplace. That includes everyday life and broadcast, rather than only top-tier entertainment. BRODERSEN: Media production technology exists on an exponential progress curve. So, the question is, how far along the curve have we come? Many of our predictions – in areas such as real-time ray tracing, LED volume-based production and AI-based processing – were off by years. This indicates that we might be further along our curve then we initially thought. In the short term, we will see additional jumps in capabilities that put all of our predictions to shame.

That being said, there are still plenty of hard problems to solve. LEVY: There needs to be some decisions made around Web3. Will the next iteration of the internet see tighter controls, or will it be democratised and decentralised? This will fundamentally influence how the metaverse develops. The digital divide also needs to close. No matter where you are in the world, or which country you are from, everyone should have the same access. I believe sustainability could be a huge driving force for acceleration, too. If meaningful, one-to-one interaction could be successfully replicated in the metaverse, it could greatly reduce or reshape the need to travel.

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