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Garden Studios In March 2021, Garden Studios increased its size, expanding by 65,000 sq ft; it now provides 127,000 sq ft of studio space in total. The new site, known as the Orchid Campus, comprises 11 serviced offices, two shooting spaces (around 40,000 sq ft) and a 16,000 sq ft workshop. This is in addition to its existing three sound stages, three shooting spaces and four fully equipped production offices and workshop units.

80six Virtual Production Studios by 80six are ideal for filmmakers, cinematographers, directors, producers and creatives who want to shoot in-camera VFX with LED technology, while exploring the landscape that’s revolutionising visual effects. To ensure the company’s continued innovation, 80six is keen to invest in new tech, to create exciting and clean visuals. Its virtual production set is one of the largest semi-permanent LED stages in the UK – available for use in film, TV drama and commercials. Central to this is an 18m-wide, 4.5m-high, curved LED wall, built from Roe Visual Diamond panels. These have been calibrated for 10-bit HDR, to ensure optimum image quality, with exceptional brightness and colour range.

A Disguise and Unreal Engine virtual production pipeline powers the stage, allowing real-time content playback, as well as pre-recorded plates. Dimension Studio and DNEG – the Oscar, Bafta and Emmy award-winning VFX company – employed the volume for Fireworks , a high-profile short directed by Paul Franklin. 80six has also been involved in projects like Netflix’s Man vs Bee.

An adjustable, 12m-wide, 5.4m-deep Roe Visual Carbon 5.7mm LED ceiling illuminates the stage from above, and CB5 movable LED dollies may be used for extra lighting purposes. The panels run on Brompton Technology SX40 LED processors, enabling high brightness to simulate real-world lighting environments, while providing an even coverage that’s controllable from the studio’s gallery.


80six Arri Stage

Vū, North America’s fastest-growing network of VP studios for the film, video and advertising industries, announced the plans for its newest studio in Orlando, Florida. The 32,000 sq ft studio will host the largest LED volume in the Vū network, with three on-site stages. The new Orlando location is the latest addition to the company’s present portfolio of virtual production studios in Tampa Bay, Nashville and Las Vegas. “We are thrilled to expand the Vū network into Orlando, which is a global destination for film and entertainment,” said Tim Moore, Vū CEO. The upcoming studio’s location is only a few miles away from Disney and Universal Studios, which are two of the region’s largest producers of film and video content. In addition to being a top market for commercial shoots, Orlando is the simulation capital of the world and has seen exponential growth in gaming and AR/

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VR development over recent years. “We believe within the next five to ten years, the idea of shooting on location or with a green screen will be a thing of the past. The paradigm shift to shooting in virtual production studios will forever disrupt and improve the way content is made,” said Vū president and co-founder Jonathan Davila. Warner Bros Studios Leavesden Vū Studio

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