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You couldn’t turn a corner in the Kulturhalle without seeing some form of support: dollies, cranes, sliders and wearables, stretched as far as the eye could see. The Betz-Tools Wave1 helps camera operators maintain a level horizon whether mounted on a Steadicam, remote head, hard mount or other handheld rig. Measuring less than 2.5in tall, the Wave1 provides +/-25° of pan-and-tilt movement – a very simple way of ensuring footage stays on the level. Panther has a huge range of support options. Recent innovations showcased at Euro Cine Expo included the Vario Jib L, which offers up to 287cm of extension (with optional 100cm additional), and its Tower sliders. The latter can be mounted vertically or horizontally on any car, with up to 3m of movement for payloads up to 80kg. A real head-turner on Panther’s stand (and around the show for that matter) was the Easy Rider, an electric trike with seats for a camera operator fore and aft. Capable of a 400kg payload at up to 19mph, it has an estimated range of 19 miles, so you can shoot plenty of moving footage before needing a recharge. The rear detaches to create a two-wheel rickshaw for manual operation. Finally, if you asked nicely on the Tiffen stand, they would have showed

off the forthcoming one-piece base for the Steadicam M-2. Enabling you to connect both monitor and power on one accessory, this will be available soon, although no firm date has been confirmed.

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Any more for any more? A Euro Cine Expo report wouldn’t be complete without a mention for CVP, whose team pulled out all the stops to ensure their commanding stand overlooking the hall had plenty of hands-on opportunities. From lighting to camera rigs, monitors and lenses, this was well worth a visit. Similarly, Arri gave showgoers plenty of chances to try the Alexa 35, complete with its first new sensor in 12 years. There’s some big footsteps to follow, but with 17 stops of dynamic range and Reveal Color Science, it’s sure to deliver.


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