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Celebrate your photography with stunning Wall Calendars from CEWE

Print expert CEWE believes photography is not only about capturing moments, but an art form deserving of being showcased – and its A3 and A2 Wall Calendars can help you do just that…

PRINTING PHOTOGRAPHS HELPS us see them in a whole new light. To this end, photo printing favourite CEWE regularly collaborates with photographers such as Christie Goodwin, Chris Hall and Neil Porter, who share its passion for print. It also works alongside key organisations including the Guild of Photographers and the Photographic Alliance of

Great Britain (PAGB) – as well as us here at Photography News – to help showcase the beautiful ways in which photographers can display their skills with its products. A case in point is the range of A3 and A2 Wall Calendars from CEWE – with now being the perfect time to get producing one of your own for 2024. As a CEWE brand ambassador,

Coventry-based photographer Neil Porter, who has captured the world through his lens for over a decade, has done just that. Having secured a top spot for submitting his images to a photo contest organised by the Warwick Wildlife Trust and CEWE, and seen his photographs exhibited at Brandon Marsh, Porter delved into the CEWE product range and chose to commemorate his shots with an A2 Photo Calendar. CEWE A3 and A2 Wall Calendars are now available on 100% recycled paper, which is described as a groundbreaking blend of beauty and sustainability. A 250gsm silky semi-matte paper, its brilliant white base enhances print fidelity and brings out the best in your photos.

BROUGHT TO LIFE From photo books to calendars, CEWE can turn your favourite images into something tangible for you and others to enjoy throughout the year and even further beyond

art,” the photographer enthuses of the finished product. As a testament to the profound impact the printed image has, he adds: “I’ve opted for the largest format available in A2 because I believe that has the most impact.” As the pictures on this page indicate, A2 truly allows the exceptional quality to shine. “I’m a massive fan of printing images as opposed to just viewing them on a screen. They are much more eye catching. So it was

“It is not just a calendar, it is almost a piece of art” gratifying to print out a selection of my pictures.” CEWE is not just a printing company, but also your creative partner. Especially when it comes to transforming your own magical moments into permanent, lasting art. PN readers are invited to capture the beauty around them, explore the CEWE product range and select the best size of calendar to let their photography shine in print. It’s time to make every month a masterpiece with the impressive selection of A3 and A2 Wall Calendars. Follow the QR code for a closer look at the creation of Neil Porter’s A2 Photo Calendar with CEWE, plus some top tips.

Transform those fleeting moments into permanent art with CEWE

Neil Porter very much agrees. “It’s not just a calendar, it’s almost a piece of

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