Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019

GEAR BUYERS’ GUIDE ULTIMATE KIT FOR... MOTION Camera motion can be one of the most expressive tools available to a filmmaker – you just need the right equipment WORDS CHELSEA FEARNLEY

Moving the camera for dramatic effect is not new. In fact, it was first seen in the form of panning in the 1903 film, The Great Train Robbery . The camera shows a train moving into shot and then pans to the left to show bandits fleeing from it. Camera motion has come a long way since then: there are many more techniques, and the equipment to help you achieve them has greatly evolved. Moving the camera can alter the relationship between the subject, frame and shape the viewer’s perspective of space and time, and control delivery of narrative information. We’ve sorted the best dollies, sliders, gimbals, tripods and more into three different price brackets: • BUDGET MINDED: Equipment for those who are just starting out or Workhorse equipment that is consistently reliable and full of handy features. • DREAM BUYS: High-end, professional equipment that won’t give up until you do. strapped for cash. • PRO PERFORMERS:


The Manfrotto Offroad Stunt backpack comes with removable internal protective pouches so you can carry up to three action cameras and a compact system camera, as well as your personal gear. Interchangeable dividers inside the pouches also make this backpack compatible with GoPro, and you can get more action shots by utilising the connection mount on the shoulder harness or the pole on the back. It’s weatherproof and heavy-duty, so you don’t need to worry about your gear during any outing. Great for when you’re gliding down the mountain slopes of the Alps or scaling the side of Everest.

The Hague S800 Camslide is a classic slider that’s ideal for those wanting to filmmotion on a budget. It has a traditional-style single rail made of high-quality aluminium, and is 800mm in length. This size provides a great range of movement, but is still practical for travelling with. It has adjustable end supports, which can be folded up for transit, and high-quality roller bearings. These ensure smoother movements across your slider shots, regardless of the surface. On top of the carriage is a standard 3/8in screw, to which a ball head or video head can be attached, and in the centre of the rail there are ¼in and 3/8in threaded holes so it can be attached directly to a tripod. There are bonus ¼in and 3/8in holes at either ends of the rail, too, so it can be attached to two tripods if required. It’s suitable for camera set-ups that weigh up to 3kg. Overall, this slider offers filmmakers on a budget a versatile, portable piece of kit that will add polish to their work. It’s lightweight, but heavy on performance. 2. SLIDER: HAGUE S800 CAMSLIDE CAMERA SLIDER £99.50/$129.60



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