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Instead of using a larger sensor to combat noise at high ISO, a three-chip camera uses three smaller sensors to separately record the red, green and blue information, which is then digitally combined to create a final image. This gives a vastly improved image quality and lower noise than using just one sensor of the same size. And it’s how manufacturers can get great quality from smaller sensors, which helps to create a greater depth-of-field. The new Sony Z280 and Z190 cameras may be the first three- chip camcorders to offer 4K but have different sensor sizes. The Z280 is the top-of-the-range model and has half-inch CMOS sensors, while the more affordable Z190 is almost half the price and has third-inch CMOS chips and a lower spec, as you’d expect. It’s also slightly more compact and lighter. But in many ways, they are both similar cameras and obviously designed by the same team that built Sony’s big-selling FS5 and FS7 cinema cameras. If you come from using either of these, then you’ll have no problem at all getting to grips with the Z cameras, as they share many of the same controls. The left side of the camera bodies have all the typical Sony controls, like menu buttons, lots of user-assignable buttons, push AF and proper audio control dials. Both have two record buttons – one on top and one on the handgrip. It’s a shame there’s not a third on the left side of the


body, which would make it more useful when on a tripod. The menu system in both cameras is also derived from the FS series, which means that if you are used to Sony then you will have no issue getting to grips with it. If you’re coming from another brand, then you’ll probably find it complicated and a bit fiddly. Both cameras also have the variable ND filter system that was introduced on the FS5 and FS7 Mark II, and it is a glorious invention. In addition to hard stops of ND, the variable ND can be adjusted using a dial wheel or set to auto. What this means is that you can keep your shutter speed and

RIGHT The left side of the cameras have

typical Sony controls, like user-assignable buttons and audio control dials



RIGHT The Z190 is slightly more compact and lighter than it’s more expensive counterpart, the Z280

“Both have two record buttons –one on top and one on the handigrip. It’s a shame there’s not a third on the left side”




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