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More information If you would like professional hands- on training working with Final Cut Pro X and all its audio capabilities, we run courses every month, from beginner to advanced skill sets. organisation offered by the Roles, through to the flexibility of the Lanes, Final Cut Pro X is an intuitive NLE offering a great audio toolset, and helping you to achieve that creative edge easily. Compound clip control Press ‘Cmd A’ to ‘Select All’ in your chosen project. Press ‘Alt G’ and save your whole edit into one compound clip. 16 You can continue to work on what are, in essence, sub-mixes, built by the Roles types you assigned. Each Audio Lane clip can now be treated completely differently. For example, you could decide that all your dialogue elements need more refinement using some of the great Logic filters that come with the app, or maybe they need a tweak in your EQ tool to boost their clarity. Far better to do that across all the clips in one operation rather than modify every clip individually. 17 1: Find the ‘Compressor filter’ in the Filters > Audio tab and drag it on to the clip in your Dialogue lane. It’s good to know that all these tools come with some handy presets to get you started. 18 2: In the ‘Inspector’, select one of the Voice Compressor presets. 3: Click on the ‘Parameters Spill’ icon to make further adjustments. Exploiting Roles on export Finally, let’s use the power of Roles when exporting your audio. 19 1: In the ‘Share’ menu, select the ‘Master File’ export option. Make sure you’re exporting in a codec that supports multi-track outputs, like any in the ProRes family. 2: Then go to the Roles tab and select the ‘Multitrack QuickTime Movie’ output option. 20 21 Now you can configure your tracks using your Roles to control what goes where. These images show I’m exporting a full stereo mix, as well as each Role separately. Conclusion These are the steps I use when working with audio on all my clients’ projects. From the



TOP Thanks to the Roles types function, you can treat each Audio Lane clip differently RIGHT In combination with the Multitrack QuickTime Movie option,


the Roles function can be used when exporting audio



“You could decide that all your dialogue elements needmore refinement using some of the great Logic filters”


RIGHT Control which track goes where, exporting a full stereo mix and separate Roles



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