Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019

The ultimate magazine for next generation filmmakers


57 THE NEWS FROM ABOVE How a massive commercial airport was brought to its knees by unlawful use of a drone and what the knock-on effect is likely to be for professional UAV pilots in future. 58 RED-EYE FLIERS! When darkness falls and people go to bed, these forward- thinking drone specialists break out the lights to create incredible low-light footage.

GEAR 64 SONY Z190 & Z280


If you’re in the market for a camera to start streaming then Sony comes to the rescue with a pair of affordable yet feature-packed 4K

machines you will love. 72 CANON XF705

It’s the flagship of the all-in-one camcorder range that’s perfect for live broadcast. But just how good is the new Canon and should you splash out on one? 76 NIKON Z 6 Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera might not be its flagship but is the firm’s best ever for serious filmmaking. 80 GROUP TEST: VR MICROPHONES We take a look at a trio of the latest mics designed to make your 360° films sound better than ever. 84 MINI TESTS We take a look at a new lens from Sigma, the Atomos Ninja V monitor recorder, a pocket-size gimbal, some SSD hard drives and more. 92 BUYERS’ GUIDE: GEAR TO MOVE YOU! Take a look at our guide for the best kit to add some controlled camera movements to your films.



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