Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019


OPINION by Adam Duckworth


Shooting full-on Hollywood-style cinematic films is the goal of many modern filmmakers. Large sensor cameras, ultra-shallow depth-of- field from fast glass, sliders, gimbals, drones, then a bit of orange-and-teal grading is the sure-fire way to style nirvana. A generation of more clued-up viewers, used to the high production values of films and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, expect this level of polish on pretty much everything they watch. Of course, all this is much more affordable and attainable to independent filmmakers nowadays. You only have to browse our Gear of the Year winners to see just how much amazing kit is available. However, there is a big wave of viewers, and therefore clients, that value speed and reality over style. Facebook Live, YouTube Live and even InstaTV are all about immediacy and the buzz of seeing something in real time. We are living in times where a quick-and-dirty iPhone behind-the-scenes video of a shoot will get ten-fold the views on Facebook if it’s live compared to the finished and polished final film. I speak from first-hand experience here. Clients are increasingly demanding real-time livestreaming of their big events, with better footage than iPhone videos shot by their intern. That may get them views, but it doesn’t reflect well on their brand. However, they don’t need full cinematic productions. Professional filmmakers have to be in the position to offer this, since it’s what the market is demanding. Of course, if your niche is beautiful, cinematic wedding films, then you may not wish to dip a toe into live streaming. But for a general-purpose freelance filmmakers with commercial clients, it makes sense to investigate streaming now. It may not win you an Oscar, but it could certainly help your bank account! TIME TO ABANDON YOUR CINEMATIC OBSESSION?

Welcome to the spring issue of Pro Moviemaker and, as the days grow longer, it’s a time to be optimistic and look ahead at some of the exciting opportunities that are around us at the moment. One of the biggest growth areas right now is streaming, which is why we’re taking a deeper look into this sector. There are plenty of reasons why filmmakers should be exploring the potential that’s on offer. For a start, if you’ve got filmmaking skills, then the chances are you’ll already be ahead of the game where streaming is concerned – and you’ll probably have both the skills and the gear to start you on your way. There are extra things you’ll need to learn, of course, but the technology is evolving – it’s becoming simpler and cheaper to get involved and clients are queueing up for the service. We’ve spoken to those leading the way. We’ve also tried and tested some excellent streaming products. In this issue, you’ll also find the results of our Gear of the Year Awards, voted for by you, the readers, and are a celebration of the best products of 2018. Thank you to everyone who took part. It’s great to see so much innovation going on and to deliver plaudits where they are deserved. It’s all helping to drive this business to ever greater heights and that’s something we should be cheering from the rooftops.



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