Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019

HDMI and therefore works with a huge range of cameras. Voters found the bright and clear 1920x1080 display performed really well under all sorts of light and its price was right, too. Good lighting can give any

shot a lift, and with every year bringing advances in quality and affordability, there’s no excuse for using outdated panels. Innovations are being led by LED lighting, and LED units scooped top prize in all three lighting categories. The light panel award went to the Litepanels Gemini, 2x1 LED, a unit that gives impressively soft and consistent daylight or tungsten balanced light. But it takes more than that to win, and the Gemini also delivers three lighting modes. As well as the standard CCT, there’s HSI Mode for total control over hue, saturation and intensity letting you add any colour you want to mix; and Gel Mode that apes industry standard gel to put a spin on the daylight or tungsten balance. Also popular with voters was its range of control, with options for standard DMX 512 protocol, wireless DMX or Bluetooth. A fresnel light gives you classic Hollywood style control, but

normally you’d need a separate unit or bulky accessory to get the look. Not any more with the Fiilex Matrix II offering simpler way of getting the same effect. The system comes as either an RGB LED or a tunable white light, and its Fresnel effect comes from an optional Quad- Fresnel accessory, which increases beam intensity by 3x and focuses it down to 31° giving a lot more throw. This year’s Lighting Innovation award went to the Rotolight Anova Pro 2, a unique LED system that combines portability with power, control, and special features. It delivers 70%more power than its predecessor and still runs off batteries making it a great location option. Hybrid shooters will love its HSS flash mode for stills. There’s also an updated range of CineSFX modes, letting you add atmospheric effects like Fire, Lightning, and TV. All the creative talent in the world is useless without a reliable memory to record your vision, and

this year’s Memory Card category, winner is the SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro 300MB/s SDXC II, which brings all the space and speed you need for ultra high-res shooting, all backed up by data recovery and a three-year guarantee. The External Hard Drive winner was LaCie’s Rugged RAID Pro 4TB, a monster of a drive with a cavernous 4TB capacity and a rugged build to keep data safe. Its trump card is the double benefit of the RAID backup technology plus an embedded

UHS-II SD card reader, meaning you can back up footage on location without a separate card reader and laptop.



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