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SHADOW SELF Former head of special operations with the Greek coastguard, Dimitris Baltakos, was shot with ominous shadow while muttering incriminating evidence

After working with Aaron George and Daniel Waters at CVP’s Fitzrovia showroom, Steele lauds the team’s expertise. “They would show me the camera and all the different features, talk me through the menus and show me the settings,” he details. “It wasn’t like I was just buying a camera from them; I was also getting a one-on-one tutorial on how to use the thing.” For Steele, this education is priceless; “I’m busy, and don’t have time to watch the YouTube tutorials and get lost in how to use this bit of kit.” Steele never attended film school and considers himself self-taught – although he’s less familiar with the ‘geeky’ aspects of camera operation. “I’d never used an AMIRA before; it was a massive step up in my game, and I’m incredibly glad I did it. Being able to go through the settings and have them explained, and for me to get my head around them in a non-geeky way, was incredibly beneficial.” He compares buying a camera to buying a car: “I want to drive a nice car; I don’t need to know how the motor works. It’s a tool, and I want the tool: I need to know how to use it and they show me.”

Though loyal to the ARRI AMIRA, Steele regularly searches for new accessories to elevate his cinematography. “When I need to try something out – like when I bought my new monitor – I head to CVP, get them to put it all together and mount it on the camera, then I walk out with a device that’s ready for use.” Steele has enjoyed the continued support of CVP over the years, having established a strong rapport. “I don’t treat CVP as salespeople; I treat them as advisors. They are ultimately selling me something that I take out and use, and I’m trusting their judgement,” he relays. “I am getting kit at the right price, but I’m also getting the kit I need.” Dead Calm: Killing in the Med? is now streaming on BBC iPlayer

CVP is home to a full spectrum of production equipment ready to see, combine and evaluate. Its creative and technical staff are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To arrange an online demo or book a one-to-one consultation, call 0208 380 7400 or visit Build your perfect kit with CVP

IT’S A TOOL: I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE IT and they show me ”



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