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Hawkes also explains that “fashions swap their looks over the centuries. You could probably find anything from any period if you look hard enough.” “When we do our research, we look at everything because you can always find a Regency influence in the fifties, in the thirties, in the 1900s and today,” Glaser echoes. “We still have a waist, a chest, legs – things can’t change that much. We follow the basics, but we put it in a lot of stereo systems and electric windows – we’re pimping it out basically,” he laughs. “We pimp out the period.” A FAMILY AFFAIR The Bridgertons are the show’s titular family, so naturally they needed a cohesive look that would set them apart among London’s high society. “The Bridgertons became the Tiffany and Kennedy family, and wear blues,” says Glaser – a refined, muted palette that reflects their nobility. Conversely, the Featheringtons – who come from new money – “became the citrus family

WHEN WE DO OUR RESEARCH, we look at everything. YOU CAN FIND A REGENCY INFLUENCE in the fifties, thirties, 1900s and today ”

and the Versace family,” wearing more colourful, gaudy garments that represent their relative social alienation. “That helps the audience remember which family people are in,” explains Glaser, “but by Season 3, I felt that the audience knew the characters, so we could mix up their colour palettes.” While Seasons 1 and 2 centre around the characters of Daphne and Anthony Bridgerton, respectively, the latest season puts Penelope Featherington (aka the anonymous town gossip, Lady

Whistledown) and Colin Bridgerton in the spotlight. Looking to find a husband in her third year on the marriage mart, Penelope employs a whole new look – one that’s more mature, mysterious and, importantly, flattering. A departure from her usual neon wardrobe, she sports an emerald green dress to Lady Danbury’s ball – and the ton takes notice. “She wants to stop being under the influence of her mother, so her first dress goes far away from anything she’s ever worn,” describes Glaser. While Penelope’s



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