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F ollowing the success of The Last of Us , Amazon Studios’ Fallout has once again demonstrated the immense potential of live-action video game adaptations. Depicting a future US ravaged by nuclear war, this sprawling sci-fi series is a visual feast, blending kitsch fifties Americana with post-apocalyptic wastelands, feral ghouls and mutant monsters. During the making of it, a unique intersection of 35mm film and virtual production brought novel technical challenges – from syncing the film camera with the LED walls to colour-matching the real and virtual worlds. AJ Sciutto, director of VP at Magnopus, talks us through the process on page 6. Following that, Stage Precision shares how its software facilitated an innovative workflow on the series, ensuring the production ran smoothly. We also hear from Baby Reindeer DOP Krzysztof Trojnar, who shares his approach to lighting and lensing the show, plus colourist Simon Bourne, who discusses his role in shaping the visual signature. Elsewhere, we sit down with Nathalie Pitters, DOP on Channel 4’s Queenie , while Bridgerton ’s costume designers reveal how they brought the show’s sumptuous aesthetic to life on page 44. In our last issue, we learnt about the ins and outs of creating compelling driving sequences using virtual production, and this month, we’re continuing the series with a look at how to nail skyscapes. Hear what experts from MARS Volume and Dimension had to say on page 14. Also taking to the skies – real rather than virtual this time – are three incredible aerial DOPs: John Marzano, Dylan Goss and Jeremy Braben, who share stories of the high life over on page 24. We also delve into the process of lens rehousing, discovering how skilled technicians give vintage glass a new lease of life on page 34. Enjoy the issue and see you next month!

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