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psychologist to maintain a safe space and provide support. “We would rehearse everything with stand-ins so that we would never overdo anything – unless the actors wanted to do it,” recalls Trojnar. When it came time to film, “we were 40 days in, and I think everyone knew each other on a human level,” alleviating some of the unease. To shoot these scenes, the crew built Darrien’s flat from scratch, installing a removable ceiling that swapped as a lighting rig. “There were so many technical elements of us wanting to put the camera in certain places,” begins Trojnar, particularly in the sequences when Donny takes LSD. “When Donny is high in Darrien’s flat, there was this idea of the streetlight suddenly becoming the spotlight and the drugs enhancing it. Initially, we projected a warm light into the apartment, but when he gets high, we see it in a more pronounced way. We swapped our source with this super concentrated beam of light; it would hit Donny and then bounce back to the ceiling and create this dramatic face when he’s lit.” According to Trojnar, “the idea of the spotlight was motivated by the script. It came from this idea that Donny is this struggling comedian metaphorically looking for the spotlight and needing it to fulfil his desire or vision of himself.”

START A TAB Donny and Martha (portrayed by Gadd and Gunning) are often shot in the pub in which the characters first meet

Throughout the series, Donny enables Martha’s stalking, begging others to suggest he enjoys the attention while also experiencing a sense of guilt and responsibility towards her. “The spotlight is a perfect metaphor,” continues Trojnar. “It’s playing in different moments – like at

the comedy club. In comedy clubs, you rarely get a spotlight, but for the story, it made sense.” In the stand-up scenes, Trojnar wanted to use practical lighting sources, citing Joker as a visual inspiration. He also nods to Fight Club ; “it has a first-person point of view,” he explains. “ Fight Club had incredible textures of urban grittiness that I loved. It was definitely a reference.” IN THE END Being Trojnar’s first narrative project, the extent of Baby Reindeer ’s runaway success came as a surprise. “We always thought it would be far more of a niche show. We never thought it would end up being watched by so many people,” he beams. “I remember watching it for the first time, fully finished, in a cast and crew screening, and it was incredible how all the elements came together. It was satisfying to see it work out in the end.” Baby Reindeer is out now, streaming on Netflix

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL The effect created by the ARRI lenses helps keep Donny as the focus



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