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SP’s 3D viewport features to be pivotal in providing a visual reference to what was happening in the volume. AOIN built a 3D model of the volume, complete with Vertibird, cameras and movable LED screens to compose a bird’s-eye view of the action taking place within the studio. “Because both the set and volume were so large, we didn’t have a direct line of sight to what was going on during filming. SP gave us that visibility, which is beneficial not just to us, but also the other crew members less familiar with VP,” remarks Tupac Martir, founder and creative director at Satore. “When the DOP had questions about the position of the LED screens, we were able to use SP as a previsualisation tool to show him how he should block out his movements and lensing.” The AOIN team also capitalised on the collected data and 3D models to create a virtual tour of the set on a VR headset, and deployed AR tests to ensure the 3D space remained aligned with the physical set. Reflecting on the Fallout project, the AOIN team testify to the time-saving power of handling complex VP workflows in SP, and its ability to reduce downtime. “There are several people on-set, and navigating all of these moving parts can be challenging,” explains Carman. “We were fortunate to have SP in our toolkit on this project. Even though this was a new workflow for us, we realised we needed it once on-site. SP’s user interface made it easy and intuitive to roll out.” AOIN came to understand that the system they created in SP expedited the smooth operation of the volume and offered an extra layer of visibility which would not have previously been possible on a shoot of this scale. “The whole crew were appreciative of how smoothly the shoot went, and I believe that’s thanks to SP,” concludes Mora. “SP just keeps the production rolling.”

Extensive and time-consuming camera tracking calibration across different technologies was unified into SP, further saving time. Recalibration throughout the shoot could be run quickly and efficiently from the single source of truth in SP. “SP gave us the agility we needed to adjust on the fly,” continues Mora. “If we lost tracking at any point, we could unhook a camera from the data flow in the SP interface and move it to where it was meant to be in the workflow without needing to manually move cameras around.” With a unified tracking and data- monitoring workflow put in place, the AOIN and Satore teams also found

THE WHOLE CREW WERE APPRECIATIVE OF just how smoothly the shoot went ”



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