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RAD-X RESULTS The blend of physical and virtual set builds enabled the creation of believable large-scale environments

with proper scene optimisation and updated EXR playback systems in Unreal, we created something visually stunning. Seeing this effect spread dynamically across the walls and affect the lighting of the physical set with orange light from the burning film added a lot to the intensity of the scene.” With Fallout enjoying a glowing reception from both audiences and critics, a second season is reportedly in the works. As so often, Sciutto isn’t in a position to hint at Magnopus’ future projects – but as VP settles into position as a mainstream production technique, new ideas continue to flow. The design and approval process is one place Sciutto sees opportunity for improvement. “We’re excited about WebGL and how it will allow filmmakers to enter their virtual environments as part of the development process, without needing technical assistance to deploy high-powered PCs and VR headsets.” That way, Sciutto goes on, the same assets might find new uses outside of production work. “The most interesting trait of web-based tools for 3D environment reviews is that the same technology can put audiences inside those finished environments once the show is completed and released.” There’s a certain symmetry to the idea of a television show based on a video game that might, in the end, donate its assets back to a real-time interactive experience.



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