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KINO FLO MIMIK 120 W hile some LED panels add a white emitter, Kino Flo’s MIMIK 120 adds two. This image-based video

BROMPTON TECHNOLOGY TRUELIGHT B rompton Technology released TrueLight as

lighting tile is a full-spectrum solution which translates an RGB video signal into RGBWW, improving realism for virtual environments. With 7200 pixels in total – each made from five LEDs – the MIMIK 120 mirrors video content at 900fps. The panel also supports latency-free synchronisation to an LED volume and remote control via lighting desk. ARRI SKYPANEL A RRI designs bespoke LED volumes, from permanent spaces to mobile stages. A leading name in LED lighting and virtual production, ARRI’s in-house team of architects and engineers analyse all considerations – including lighting configurations – before installing a system. Many of ARRI’s virtual spaces include SkyPanels, the company’s iconic LED, which emits both soft and

a solution to a common problem: when LED panels cause lighting – and thus, skin tones – to look a little off. TrueLight gives LEDs a broader spectral output, adding a white emitter (RGBW) to the traditional three-colour system (RGB). With TrueLight, lighting professionals can adjust brightness, colour balance

Winner of a 2023 product of the year award from NAB and HPA’s engineering excellence award, the kit comes with or without a yoke, alongside the corresponding ship case for hassle-free transport.

and spectral preference by setting the wavelength for each LED. The result is a set that delivers true-to- life lighting and improved colour accuracy.

ROE VISUAL BLACK PEARL B est known for their use on Star Wars spinoff The

Mandalorian – a pioneering series in virtual production – Roe Visual’s Black Pearl LED panels are a premier choice for indoor studio and stage lighting. Black Pearl panels can display visuals in 10- or 12-bit HDR on a 2.8mm pixel pitch, at a frame rate of 144fps. Over 100,000 panels of the Black Pearl 2 series are currently in use across the globe – from Pixomondo in Toronto, Canada to VuFinder Studios in Poland. Not only

hard light. ARRI’s new, all- weather SkyPanel X comes with enhanced brightness and colour rendering, and is geared towards preserving skin tones.

have Black Pearl panels won numerous industry accolades, they have contributed to acclaimed projects, earning Mank the Academy Award for best cinematography.

ROSCO RDX LAB SYSTEM R osco’s RDX LAB System uses FuseFX software to make virtual production more accessible. Designed to save time during previs, the system provides a digital library of interactive backdrops, which can be modified in real time. Users can select time of day or ‘atmosphere’, adjust brightness and contrast, change the horizon line, add moving elements and control focus and depth-of-field, all via RDX’s mobile

application. It works with any LED wall in any virtual studio, as long as the camera is an appropriate distance away. Used on Steven Soderbergh’s Full Circle , the system ‘will be a game changer’, according to the show’s unit production manager Rob Striem. “It gave Steven the flexibility to be creative… he could just do his job.”



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