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T iffen’s Filter Trio for DJI’s Osmo Pocket 3 CMOS gimbal camera combines neutral density (ND) with polarisation in one product. The result is a collection of glass filters that minimise glare and improve control of bright light without inducing a colour shift. The Tiffen Filter Trio includes one ND8/PL with three-stop reduction, one ND16/PL with four-stop reduction and one ND32/PL with five-stop reduction. Each filter is made from 4K HD optical glass, waterproof and anti-scratch coatings and lightweight aluminium filter rings. The trio also comes with a protective case and cleaning cloth. Purchase the kit for $80 and receive a ten-year warranty.

TIFFEN DOMKE SLING BAG, PHOTOGS VEST AND TECH POUCH T he new Sling Bag, PhoTOGS Vest and Tech Pouch from Domke offer

The PhoTOGS Vest, a weather-tight, machine-washable outerwear, comes with pockets, mesh panels, zipper closures and a removable ID holder – perfect for press shoots. The breathable vest is padded and quilted, with adjustable waist tabs for extra comfort. It’s available in sizes S-XXL. The Domke Tech Pouch is a compact, though spacious case for all sorts of

accessories, including SD cards, USBs, batteries, hard drives and everything in between. Separated into pockets of various sizes and materials – including a secret compartment for Apple AirTags – the pouch efficiently organises all your equipment for convenience.

photographers and videographers a solution for creating on the go. The Sling Bag is a single-strap backpack with six litres of storage capacity. It rotates for easy access and can hold various equipment, including a camera, three lenses, a tablet and other accessories.



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