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Level up your gear with these pioneering product launches, ranging from studio lights and filters to VFX tools

IKAN LYRA STUDIO LIGHTS I kan has launched two POE studio lights, which promise to simplify set-ups by minimising cable runs. Both the LBX8-POE and the LBX10-POE are single-cable, with one Cat6 RJ45 providing power to each, offering Art-Net and sACN DMX control. The LBX10-POE is a ‘1x1 bicolour studio panel soft LED light’, according to the

official product description. It’s adjustable between 3200 and 5600K, and boasts consistent lighting across all colour temperatures, with a beam angle of 110°. The light includes 97 LEDs and built-in barn doors with a 1x1 dimension. The LBX8-POE is a silent, fanless, low- profile bicolour soft LED panel, suited to

low-clearance areas. It also includes 97 LEDs and built-in barn doors, with 50W of POE versus the LBX10’s 85W. The LBX10-POE and LBX8-POE models are both available for pre-order, with the former listed at $1299.



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