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Arnold to give us full control of the crashing waves, speed of the ocean current and the movement of the boat – including how it interacts with the ocean simulation,” she adds. “There’s always some give and take with creative work like visual effects. This is our fifth project with Two Brothers so they know how we work and trust our approach. It’s important to match the director’s vision, and by working closely with executive producers Jack and Harry, we were able to advise on how to get the best results with visual effects in order to achieve their goal. It’s always very important for us that the visual effects don’t detract from the storytelling but elevate the narrative where required; it’s great to know that Jack and Harry trusted us to do that.” Vine relies on Nuke for its compositing needs, with a significant emphasis on 2D work within the company’s scope. Maya and Houdini are its primary tools when it comes to modelling and simulations. “We

do bring in other software and tools when required on a per task/brief basis,” Beattie explains. “For hardware pipeline, we have a machine room on site that houses our storage servers and render farm.” MONEY SHOT Boat Story delights viewers with an array of visually stunning shots that captivate throughout – and one stands out as a source of pride for Beattie in particular. “There’s a top-down shot where you see two bodies on the deck of the boat,

and the camera pulls back slowly to reveal the stormy ocean surrounding it,” she remarks. “The original plate used a static camera, but the execs wanted a cinematic zoom out that revealed this small boat in a stormy sea. We replaced the boat with our CG model, keeping only the deck with the bodies. The camera then pulls out so far before a full CG takeover and post-production move. The team did a fantastic job at creating a seamless transition. It’s safe to say this is a showreel shot.” Boat Story is now on BBC iPlayer


SMOOTH SAILING Behind the scenes, collaboration is key between all creative teams, both on-set and in post



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